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Barlean, EmilyAfter graduating college, I moved to St. Louis to begin my career. Over the last 8 years I have gone from a low-level copywriter to the head of a small department at a multi-million dollar financial firm. I have built a strong name for myself in the industry and look forward to growing my department and career for many years to come.

I consider myself an entrepreneur; in fact, I recently started a Custom Gift Wrapping Business for the St. Louis Metro Area. Learn more about my business, Wrap It Up – St. Louis, by clicking here.

Finally, I am passionate about education, increasing understanding of generational differences, and equal rights for women. I give back to the community as often as I can and am involved in several organizations such as Support Dogs, Inc., United Way, and Salvation Army.

I am always interested in networking and making new connections. I almost never turn down the opportunity to break bread with fellow humans.

Read my resume.

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